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Atlantis Pools and Spas specializes in pool renovations.

Atlantis Pools and Spas specializes in pool renovations. Whether it is replacing your tile & coping to an extensive project or rejuvenating your entire backyard oasis.

When remodeling your pool, our goal at Atlantis Pools & Spas is to repair your pool so you will have a long lasting quality product. It is important to us to preform the best quality product available. Our standards for remodels are just as high as what we put into our new construction pools.

We specialize in renovations which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Replacing Equipment
  • Replacing Coping
  • Replacing Tile
  • Replacing existing Plaster with Stone Scapes Pebble Plaster
  • Replacing Decks
  • Adding new Hardscape Features.
  • Drain and Acid Wash
  • Re-Caulking of Mastic Joints - We recommend Re-Caulking as soon as you start to notice cracks in the caulk. This is preventive maintenance to prevent the coping becoming loose and/or the deck cracking.

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