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Our pool equipment comes from a company that has been manufacturing pool equipment worldwide for over 80 years.  Their pool equipment is state of the art. “HAYWARD” The cutting edge of technology.  We can reduce the costs of operating and maintenance with our state of the art equipment. Learn More
  • Tri-Star Pumps are fully rated and the quietest pumps on the market.

  • Swimclear Filters 525/530 have four elements in them.  Simply hose off the elements twice a year.

  • H Series Heaters are the very latest in pool and spa technology from its electronic direct spark control, to its led digital control panel.  Our heaters are equipped with a cupro nickel heater exchanger that will withstand the damaging effects of chemicals and salt.

  • Astrolite lights are standard on all of our pools and spas. 

  • Colorlogic Led Lights are the only led color changing lights on the market today.  Let your pool stay one color or let it change, you will have 5 colors to choose from.

  • PS-4 (Pool Only) PS-8 (Pool & Spa)  will enable you to turn your pool on with the touch of a button.  Our state of the art remote systems can do it all.  From inside your house to inside your Atlantis Pool or Spa you can turn on every pool feature with the touch of a button.

  • Aquarite Electronic Chlorine Generator – While you are at work, your pool is running and our salt system is producing 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily.  Come home and your pool is sparkling clear.  No more worries with our stare of the art pool and spa equipment.

Hayward is the only equipment we use on our pools from:
  • Pumps - Northstar
  • Filters - Swimclear
  • Heaters – H series
  • Lights - Astrolite & Colorlogic
  • Remote systems – Aqualogic
  • Salt Chlorine Generators


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