From the moment we met Micah (the designer) we knew this would be the company we would choose. Micah, a very nice, soft spoken talented gentleman was very informative and knowledgeable. He advised us on what would be the best plan for our pool and situation and he followed up with a beautiful computer design. Then we had the pleasure of meeting Bruce( the owner) and Bernie. Bruce came out and finished grading our site himself after the workers had gone to make sure it was to his liking. The day they poured the shotcrete into the pool we were away on vacation and Bernie took videos and pictures so that we wouldn’t miss it. They were professional and caring every step of the way! and let’s not forget Kelly! She was the wheel that steered the ship! Kelly made everything run smooth and on time. Besides the occasional delays that had nothing to do with them but with the city etc… everything was fantastic and now we have a beautiful pool and slide! We have a dream come true and cannot wait for Summer to begin!


These guys (Bruce, Micah, Bernie, Brian, et al) and their #A1 lady (Kelly), really have their collective act together.

From the moment we chose Atlantis & the job was scheduled, their team operated like clockwork. For fastidious customers (like us) who’ve never lived through a major pool install, there’s a potential minefield of steps/stages to be optimally followed, any one of which, if delayed or poorly executed in any way, could cause a cascading, domino-effect of negative repercussions, disappointments, even nightmares. Suffice to say, Atlantis and their subs “”nailed it’ at every step of the way: (1) excavation, (2) trench-work/lines for plumbing, electrical & equipment placement, (3) steel (rebar) framework, (4) Shotcrete, (5) Tile & coping, (6) electrical/gas line connection, (7) Decking, (8) Pool plaster, (9) final grading for landscape.

This complete list of tasks, quoted conservatively at 12-13 weeks, was essentially finished in barely over half that time, and except for the mindless numb-skullery & incompetence of Atlanta Gas Light in accomplishing their ONLY responsibility (the natural gas line/meter upgrade for the heater), would’ve been finished in 2 months. Best of all, the pool turned out beautifully!!!

Thumbs up to Bruce, Kelly and the whole crew – thanks again!

Satisfied to the Maxrumakabub

I had dreamed of transforming my backyard for years and now it is a reality.

I have one of the nicest lots in my neighborhood and for many years I tried unsuccessfully to make it a great living space. Then I changed my strategy two years ago and focused on a Pool. Contacted many companies before meeting Bruce Todd. Right away we knew he would do the best job for us even though his prices were a little higher. We went through his quote and compared to others and it became obvious that he was building a higher quality product than the competition. We broke ground in February and filled it up with water in late April. Our pool is now the talk of the neighborhood as we have entertained many of our close friends (and of course our summer mixed doubles ALTA team).

The money was well spent as the kids and fiancé are in the water constantly. It is a big project with a fair amount of ups and downs (and a learning curve as a first time pool owner) BUT I would not change a thing. I dove in last night, as I have many other nights, and I keep saying to myself upon entering the water “”this will never get old””.

You can look around BUT Bruce, Brian, Bernie and of course Kelly will take very good care of you and build you a quality pool/living space that you will enjoy for many years to come.


Great ExperienceRW

This was my first time ever having a pool built. Needless to say it was a daunting task that I took on solo, since my husband was assigned overseas at the time. I did my due diligence and interviewed over 7 different pool companies before going with Atlantis Pool and Spa. The determining factor for me was the personalized care and responsiveness I received during my search. From the beginning of construction, even to date, they have handled me with enormous care. Their level of commitment, integrity, morals and ethics far surpassed my expectations. The quality of work and dedication throughout my 4 month process left me in awe. If this is your first time ever getting a pool I want you to understand that it is definitely a major undertaking and there will be ups and downs. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to be proactive and most importantly flexible.
Atlantis Pool and Spa are dedicated to making the overall experience a pleasant one, so at the end of the journey your diamond in the rough turns out to be a priceless gem, and something amazing for you and your family to enjoy.

I have a continued my relationship with Atlantis Pool and Spa. They now service my pool twice a month. Their level of care, compassion, commitment and responsiveness still unwavering, even on the servicing side. Kelly, Bruce, Bernie, Micah, Brian, Armando, absolutely everyone that is an extension of Atlantis Pools & Spa I now consider them my friends. I’m grateful.

Tears of Fear to Smiles of Joy!prttypls

We recently had a pool and extensive stone retaining walls completed by Atlantis Pools. If you are starting the process, I can give you one piece of advice. Enjoy the process but don’t stress over who should do it. That part is easy – Atlantis is the best in Atlanta.

We worked with Micah during the design stage, who listened to our vision and offered his own experience to the ideal design. He was informative while counseling us on benefits and drawbacks, always supporting our vision but never letting us go wrong.

The quote provided was detailed and realistic. Atlantis was very clear with us on what costs were flexible through design and where they were set in regard to quality construction standards. There were no surprises.

The preparation for the dig Bruce outlined the pool so we could get a sense of size and placement. Then Brian/Kelly orchestrated the introduction of crews as excavation started, concrete was poured, stonework walls were built, decking, stonescape, etc. All of the employees and affiliate partners of Atlantis through this process were exceptional.

We are not easy customers. We wanted perfection and we changed our minds on certain aspects throughout the process. We visited many Atlantis pools in the Atlanta area, and every step of the way, we received nothing but professional, responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable service from the Atlantis team. If you are considering working with Atlantis – you will be thrilled with your choice.

Premium Quality Work + Most Knowledgeable PartnersEsones

We met with Bruce several times (several hours) to discuss building a pool. We had also met with other contractors but Bruce seemed the most capable of managing our terrain. We had a slope in the backyard and had to have a deck rebuilt last year as a result as everything was sort of pulling away from the house. Bruce was very straight forward and honest with how he could handle our issues. He provided a very fair price. His team has been excellent to work with! Everyone on the team has been extremely helpful. There was someone working here every possible chance. The only delays were due to rain. One of the most impressive things we noticed about Bruce was when we were discussing building a pool with him he gave us a list of people he built pools for. The list was 10 pages long and told us we could call any one of his customers. Wow! We visited 10 homes to look at their pools and review colors, etc. Every single person we spoke with mentioned what a great experience they had with Bruce and his team. We never heard one single negative. One customer told us that he built a pool at the same time that his neighbor did. His neighbors pool took a lot longer to build and his neighbors pool pipes froze up when we had the recent snow and ice storms. This customer did not have any problems at all. Another point is Bruce found ways to save us money by providing several options. Excellent pool and team.

Exceptional Service and Quality!LSUTigger

Believe the other 5 star reviews, they are all true. Bruce and the entire Atlantis team are true artists and experts at what they do. We are completely satisfied with the entire process and are loving the new pool.

Items of particular note:
1. The price quoted is the price you pay (unless you change something).
2. They are on time and on schedule (weather dependent).
3. They will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy.
4. They will guide you through the entire process, even with items outside of their scope (i.e. fence, landscaping, and more)
5. They are true partners with you. From pre-purchase, contract, permitting, and excavation, through to completion and maintenance. You always can get a hold of someone and they are happy to help.

We love our pool and Atlantis Pools.

Outstanding from start to finishHerringtech

Upon our corporate relocation to Georgia, we searched for a home with a swimming pool and spa. We have owned homes with pools prior, but have never gone through the process of installing one. When we found our dream home, it did not have a pool, so we started the long process of interviewing pool companies, without the benefit of “word of mouth”, from trusted friends. We spoke with several companies, and immediately felt a connection with Bruce. Not because of a great sales pitch, but because his persona was genuine. We immediately got a sense of his pride, passion and the confidence he has for his work; so much so that he arranged for us to meet privately with his customers so we could speak openly about their experiences with Atlantis pools. It was the best decision we have ever made. His team is the most pleasant, respectful, and courteous people we could ever have hoped to have on our property every day, from start to finish. We are so happy with our backyard oasis, that we have an open invitation to prospective customers of Atlantis Pools and Spas, to see our dream come true, and make their selection process a no brainer! Installing a pool was a serious financial commitment; it can only be done once, and as a client, you want it done right. Now that we are in our second summer in Georgia, we now have met people with pools, and there are always comments about problems and things they wish would have been done differently. However, none of them have an Atlantis Pool!

Look no further!Lorelielee

We have been 100% pleased with our pool, landscaping and the overall service we received from Atlantis pools. We researched several pool companies and took our time making our decision, but in the end, the quality pool offered by Atlantis far exceeded the pricing and service offered by any other pool installers. Our back yard has a very steep slope and we worried about difficulties with the grading, water run-off and just the basic aesthetics of what we wanted to be our own little oasis. Atlantis worked with us to lay out our pool, grading and landscaping, and provided exactly what we had envisioned. They were extremely knowledgeable and informative and explained things to us clearly and concisely, so we knew what to expect. They even assisted with the layout of our pool house and provided several excellent suggestions that had not occurred to us. We’ve had MANY compliments on the fountains, the layout, the landscaping, and especially on the concrete stamping and the stonework (their stone masons are artists!) They were extremely easy to work with, and we were very pleased with their weekly progress. Even with the recent deluge of rain in our area, there has been no unwanted run-off or flooding, absolutely 0 problems. We have been SO happy with the results of our decisions to go with Atlantis. Awesome choice for our family and our home! They have our highest recommendation!!!!

Awesome Choice for our FamilyLisa Whitmire

Our experience of building our pool with Atlantis Pools and Spas was a dream come true. We knew what we wanted and conveyed our wants and concerns from our first meeting with Bruce. He listened and got back with us with a plan with drawings and prices to give us just what we had asked for. Naturally, we had many questions that were always answered honestly and to the point. We signed a contract and were given a time line that was always right on schedule. All the different phases of construction were completed by workmen professionally who were always willing to explain what was going on and they cleaned up their messes. After an anxious eight weeks of watching all the phases of moving dirt, forming the pool, building a stone wall, and finishing the deck, we were ready to fill it to use. We could not have been happier with our fabulous new backyard pool and spa. We use it everyday and especially love the calming sound of the waterfall. We would highly recommend using Atlantis Pools and Spas because of the ease of doing business with them. Our contact was here everyday checking on the progress which made it the best decision in choosing to build a pool which has turned our backyard into a “Pool Paradise”.

Our Pool ParadiseElaine and Mike