If you have been doing what my wife and I did in researching for someone reputable before making that scary large purchase of a pool, you can stop with these guys…they are as good as you will find. Experience, ability, expeditious, quality…absolutely…but equally if not much more important to us was their integrity. For Deb and I we were very insecure with the pool business people we were meeting…each experience feeling like another used car salesperson. Well I am here to say after dealing with Bruce and Brian, you can relax and know you will get everything they say and more. I have been dealing with them 2+ years after the install of my pool and it still feels like the pool was installed yesterday whenever I call either of them…right there with any concern or question…it is simply one of the best customer service experiences we have ever had. If it has anything to do with the pool business…stop here with Atlantis…your search is over. And this is no plug for someone’s brother in law…you can call me for the details of my purchase and service experience with Bruce and Brian if you’d like at 678-546-1907.