These guys (Bruce, Micah, Bernie, Brian, et al) and their #A1 lady (Kelly), really have their collective act together.

From the moment we chose Atlantis & the job was scheduled, their team operated like clockwork. For fastidious customers (like us) who’ve never lived through a major pool install, there’s a potential minefield of steps/stages to be optimally followed, any one of which, if delayed or poorly executed in any way, could cause a cascading, domino-effect of negative repercussions, disappointments, even nightmares. Suffice to say, Atlantis and their subs “”nailed it’ at every step of the way: (1) excavation, (2) trench-work/lines for plumbing, electrical & equipment placement, (3) steel (rebar) framework, (4) Shotcrete, (5) Tile & coping, (6) electrical/gas line connection, (7) Decking, (8) Pool plaster, (9) final grading for landscape.

This complete list of tasks, quoted conservatively at 12-13 weeks, was essentially finished in barely over half that time, and except for the mindless numb-skullery & incompetence of Atlanta Gas Light in accomplishing their ONLY responsibility (the natural gas line/meter upgrade for the heater), would’ve been finished in 2 months. Best of all, the pool turned out beautifully!!!

Thumbs up to Bruce, Kelly and the whole crew – thanks again!