Upon our corporate relocation to Georgia, we searched for a home with a swimming pool and spa. We have owned homes with pools prior, but have never gone through the process of installing one. When we found our dream home, it did not have a pool, so we started the long process of interviewing pool companies, without the benefit of “word of mouth”, from trusted friends. We spoke with several companies, and immediately felt a connection with Bruce. Not because of a great sales pitch, but because his persona was genuine. We immediately got a sense of his pride, passion and the confidence he has for his work; so much so that he arranged for us to meet privately with his customers so we could speak openly about their experiences with Atlantis pools. It was the best decision we have ever made. His team is the most pleasant, respectful, and courteous people we could ever have hoped to have on our property every day, from start to finish. We are so happy with our backyard oasis, that we have an open invitation to prospective customers of Atlantis Pools and Spas, to see our dream come true, and make their selection process a no brainer! Installing a pool was a serious financial commitment; it can only be done once, and as a client, you want it done right. Now that we are in our second summer in Georgia, we now have met people with pools, and there are always comments about problems and things they wish would have been done differently. However, none of them have an Atlantis Pool!