I had dreamed of transforming my backyard for years and now it is a reality.

I have one of the nicest lots in my neighborhood and for many years I tried unsuccessfully to make it a great living space. Then I changed my strategy two years ago and focused on a Pool. Contacted many companies before meeting Bruce Todd. Right away we knew he would do the best job for us even though his prices were a little higher. We went through his quote and compared to others and it became obvious that he was building a higher quality product than the competition. We broke ground in February and filled it up with water in late April. Our pool is now the talk of the neighborhood as we have entertained many of our close friends (and of course our summer mixed doubles ALTA team).

The money was well spent as the kids and fianc√© are in the water constantly. It is a big project with a fair amount of ups and downs (and a learning curve as a first time pool owner) BUT I would not change a thing. I dove in last night, as I have many other nights, and I keep saying to myself upon entering the water “”this will never get old””.

You can look around BUT Bruce, Brian, Bernie and of course Kelly will take very good care of you and build you a quality pool/living space that you will enjoy for many years to come.