We met with Bruce several times (several hours) to discuss building a pool. We had also met with other contractors but Bruce seemed the most capable of managing our terrain. We had a slope in the backyard and had to have a deck rebuilt last year as a result as everything was sort of pulling away from the house. Bruce was very straight forward and honest with how he could handle our issues. He provided a very fair price. His team has been excellent to work with! Everyone on the team has been extremely helpful. There was someone working here every possible chance. The only delays were due to rain. One of the most impressive things we noticed about Bruce was when we were discussing building a pool with him he gave us a list of people he built pools for. The list was 10 pages long and told us we could call any one of his customers. Wow! We visited 10 homes to look at their pools and review colors, etc. Every single person we spoke with mentioned what a great experience they had with Bruce and his team. We never heard one single negative. One customer told us that he built a pool at the same time that his neighbor did. His neighbors pool took a lot longer to build and his neighbors pool pipes froze up when we had the recent snow and ice storms. This customer did not have any problems at all. Another point is Bruce found ways to save us money by providing several options. Excellent pool and team.