From the moment we met Micah (the designer) we knew this would be the company we would choose. Micah, a very nice, soft spoken talented gentleman was very informative and knowledgeable. He advised us on what would be the best plan for our pool and situation and he followed up with a beautiful computer design. Then we had the pleasure of meeting Bruce( the owner) and Bernie. Bruce came out and finished grading our site himself after the workers had gone to make sure it was to his liking. The day they poured the shotcrete into the pool we were away on vacation and Bernie took videos and pictures so that we wouldn’t miss it. They were professional and caring every step of the way! and let’s not forget Kelly! She was the wheel that steered the ship! Kelly made everything run smooth and on time. Besides the occasional delays that had nothing to do with them but with the city etc… everything was fantastic and now we have a beautiful pool and slide! We have a dream come true and cannot wait for Summer to begin!