I had a pool put in by Atlantis in March 2008. One year my Step father was helping me out and the Pump froze. (this was our fault although we didn’t know it at first) Paul came out to see if he could help. He told me what we had to do, he even helped and it worked.

This year our pool just stopped pushing water really good. I thought boy, I have to clean the filters. So we did and that didn’t work. I thought for sure it was my fault (mind you we don’t take care of the pool like we should) and I though I was going to have to have a new motor. Well Paul and his Pool Service man came out and they quickly assessed the situation, took the pump apart right there and fixed it and they didn’t even charge me. Two Guys taking about 1.5 hours our of their day to help me that is what I call service!!! I didn’t expect it, I didn’t think I deserved it, but they did it and made me feel like I really DID choose the right company again.

I consider myself a low maintenance customer. I don’t ask for much, I figure it out myself, I am not a nag when it comes to the details. It is good that they are very thourough in the set up, they pick the best parts, they know the parts very well. I just can’t say enough about how I have seen them go the extra mile for me. THANK YOU ATLANTIS!!