We have been 100% pleased with our pool, landscaping and the overall service we received from Atlantis pools. We researched several pool companies and took our time making our decision, but in the end, the quality pool offered by Atlantis far exceeded the pricing and service offered by any other pool installers. Our back yard has a very steep slope and we worried about difficulties with the grading, water run-off and just the basic aesthetics of what we wanted to be our own little oasis. Atlantis worked with us to lay out our pool, grading and landscaping, and provided exactly what we had envisioned. They were extremely knowledgeable and informative and explained things to us clearly and concisely, so we knew what to expect. They even assisted with the layout of our pool house and provided several excellent suggestions that had not occurred to us. We’ve had MANY compliments on the fountains, the layout, the landscaping, and especially on the concrete stamping and the stonework (their stone masons are artists!) They were extremely easy to work with, and we were very pleased with their weekly progress. Even with the recent deluge of rain in our area, there has been no unwanted run-off or flooding, absolutely 0 problems. We have been SO happy with the results of our decisions to go with Atlantis. Awesome choice for our family and our home! They have our highest recommendation!!!!