My back yard has now become a place of pure joy and happiness, and Atlantis Pools was vital to the plan. They created a masterpiece. As a family that loves to share with others, what we have now is a place of remarkable peace and body/soul therapy to share with all our friends and neighbors. Our project was very large in scale and involved construction challenges along the way. In the end, I feel that God had His hand in it and worked through the good folks at Atlantis pools to create something that I can only describe as a glimpse into Heaven. They are very good at what they do. Highly recommend.

Angels must live here.GoodTydings

We’ve built 3 pools and this 3rd time was the absolute best experience we’ve had with a pool builder. We ended up with the backyard we’ve always wanted and owe that to the expertise of Atlantis Pools. We spent a lot of their time/effort before the hole was dug and contrary to contractors we had with our other pools, these guys executed the plan to perfection.
Thank goodness for Bruce’s ideas that gave the pool the extra touch, even for folks like ourselves who thought we knew what we were doing. Brian’s expertise applies to not just the pool, but the all-important deck as well. It turned out great! Their stone guys are awesome. And all have been very helpful after the last check was written!

So if you are looking to build a pool, you should do yourself a favor and call Atlantis Pools.

Personable, reliable, flexible…the best!!!divercoon

Atlantis did what they said they were going to do, on budget & on time. Atlantis offered great quality, were very creative, they were able to work within our budget, they had pages of great references and we checked them all. We did our homework when we selected Atlantis and we were not disappointed on any level. Prior to building our pool with Atlantis, we were taken for $5,000 by Artesian Pools. Whomever you choose, check references, check the BBB and physically go and see their completed pools and ask their clients if they’re happy 2-3 years after the pool is built.

My family is very happy with our pool designed & built by Atlantis Pools & Spas.

We love our pool built by Atlantis!!!S Falcone

Believe the reviews. Even though we had some very unique challenges, a buried trash pit, a natural spring under the pool, and permit issues with the city, WOW what a masterpiece these guys created. They worked with us on many changes and ideas. If I had to do it again, I would only use Bruce and Brian.

Believe what you read in the reviewsJoe

We checked many of Atlantis’ references when trying to decide on a pool contractor, all of whom gave Atlantis superior reviews. We now join their opinion as our pool truly is spectacular – a work of art. We’ve used our pool everyday since it was completed a month ago and already have had so many good times. The overall craftmanship is incredible. Anyone looking at it can see it’s just top quality. The color we chose “Sandy Beach” really does give a tropical feel…blue water and soft sand. Our home now has a resort feel. We absolutely love it! Bruce and Brian are experienced and very knowledgeable. They were able to advise us on things we would’ve never considered (love the shelves Bruce – you were right!). With an investment like this, look no further than Atlantis Pools.

The very bestDina

The lot where we wanted to put our pool was extremely challenging!! And, like everyone else, we did our research, interviewed builders and checked references. Turns out, Bruce Todd was the excavation specialist the other pool builders called when they had a difficult yard to dig!! And after talking to him, and seeing the absolutely gorgeous pools he had worked on, we knew we had found our builder. Our pool turned out beautifully, under budget and on time-things you don’t normally hear when discussing pool installation!! Now five years old, our pool still looks wonderful and operates great! Thanks to Bruce!! He is truly professional, hardworking and HONEST!! We always say, “In addition to gaining a wonderful backyard oasis, we gained a wonderful friend!” I highly recommend Atlantis Pools and Spas!!

The Number One pick in the 2010 Home Reports MagDeen Matt

Absolutely the best pool company using the best subcontractors. What Bruce said he would do, he did! Our pool is great and I can’t think of a single thing I should have done differently.

If you want a great pool, use Bruce and BrianDan Markwood

I spent weeks searching for a pool company and getting quotes, but that all stopped when Bruce from Atlantis came to my house. He is a down to earth, professional pool builder with a keen eye for design. He didn’t pull up in a Mercedes or BMW like others did. Bruce took our ideas and incorporated his experience to help design a resort backyard for us well within our budget. The quality and workmanship was fantastic.

Thank you Bruce!!!!!

Quality From Start to FinishRobalaqua

Bruce and Brian built my pool over a year ago. Although rare today, they did what they said they would do, when they would do it, for the amount they said it would be. The pool has required very little maintenance due to their design specs.

I received estimates from two other reputable pool companies and chose Atlantis because they did the actual work, built very nice pools, and were very competitive with their pricing. I actually visited other pools that they built and talked to former customers and was blown away.

Everyone that sees my pool tells me that we have the most beautiful pool that they have ever seen. I agree.
As I am currently designing a pool for my new place, I will certainly hope to use Atlantis again.

Will Use AgainMagpye

Bruce and Brian were fantastic. They designed and built a pool way beyond our expectations but at a great price when compared with the competition.

We would highly recommend them.

Fantastic service and end productce0404

Being the owner of Cherokee Tire Service and have been in the tire business for 32 years, we have had the opportunity to deal with a lot of people. The first time we met Bruce we could tell he was a man of integrity and someone we could trust.

We didn’t think it was possible to have a pool because our backyard had such a steep slope in it, but Bruce said “not a problem”.

Bruce and Brian were there every step of the way. Telling us what would be going on ahead of time so that we would know what to expect. They were always available to answer any questions or concerns we might of had.

The rock work that was done on our pool is nothing that we have ever seen. Each rock was sculpted and placed one rock at a time. Those guys were great and it turned out beautiful!

All the crews that work for them were all very professional and performed their work with the pride.

Miguel, the landscaper turned our already gorgeous pool into a tropical paradise.

Anybody thinking of building a pool call Atlantis Pool first!!!

Mark & Wava Johnson


After soliciting multiple proposals to design & install an in-ground pool in our backyard, we chose Atlantis. From the very beginning, Bruce & Brian were very easy to work with and very professional in their approach to designing and installing our pool. No matter how many changes we brought to the project they remained on schedule and within budget. The experience was wonderful and the finished product exceeded our wildest expectations. All contractors should aspire to the level of commitment and customer service that Bruce and Brian brought to the work they performed. Even more importantly, they have stood behind their work long after the job was completed. Do not hesitate to engage Atlantis Pools if you are looking to have a pool installed in your backyard, you will not regret it.

Extremely Professional and Trustworthy Companycl01462

We had contracted with GA Pools and Spas a few years back for a job that never was completed by them. We reached out to Bruce at Atlantis Pools who not only completed the job but accomplished more in 2 weeks than Ga pools did in 2 months. Recently we had an issue with the equipment and again called Atlantis Pools. This was not even their issue and they came out right way and fixed the problem. They didn’t even charge us! Pretty amazing service from Bruce and Brian. They have been terrific to do business with.


As the pool is being covered in my community I wanted to give thanks to Atlantis Pools And Spas for a safe and trouble-free pool season. We almost did not have a pool this summer due to regulation changes and old plaster etc…
Mr. Todd became involved when many companies would not and our commercial pool became an immediate priority for him. We passed inspection and were rebuilt and open all in a matter of weeks! An entire community of kids are quite grateful. Atlantis pools walked us through the process and worked many late nights to ensure a safe swim season. WHEW—glad it is all done and a beautiful pool is ready for next year.

Commercial Pool company who caresCJ Sinclair

We hired Atlantis to remodel our existing pool and redo and expand our decking. After 4 mos of reviewing many other companies, Bruce made it easy to work with his company. They gave a detailed proposal with specifications on materials and equipment and were clear about the process. We were given pages of references and each one we called raved about the quality of the work and the integrity of Bruce and Brian, and were happy for us to come look at their pools, which we did. Bruce was also helpful in design and choosing materials and colors. When Brian started the work, he was great at communicating the schedule and all of the crews were top quality. Brian was meticulous in ever detail. The finished product exceeded our expectations. Even now, they return calls immediately. They provided great customer service and leads to other companies. Plan on using them for additional work.

Beautiful Pool and Work; High Integrityyokesj

Atlantis Pools built our pool several years ago. From the first phase to the last phase, Bruce was both professional and pleasant to deal with and all phases of our pool were done on schedule.
We referred several people to Atlantis Pools to build their pool and they too have had the same, pleasant experience.
We highly recommend Atlantis Pools due to Bruce’s outstanding work ethics, great communications during the project, and his personal attention to detail. We have also continued to have a great friendship even after our pool was completed. We know that you will find working with Bruce to be a refreshing experience.

Excellent CompanyGwendalyn

Bruce and Brian at Atlantis Pools are a pleasure to do business with before and after the pool is installed. We have enjoyed our pool more than we could have ever expected. The kids are waiting in line during parties to go down the slide. We are so glad we pulled the trigger on the investment in our family.

Awesome party pool and great serviceRandy

We had to replace the stone staircase by our front door. The work that Atlantis Pools did far exceeded our expectations. Not only did they rebuild the staircase but made it much more attractive that it was originally. I would recommend them to anyone!

Great Workmanship!MaryB12

Thank goodness it did not take Bruce and Brian as long to complete the pool as it did for me to write this review. We knew we wanted a pool but we were afraid because of all the horror stories you hear from other people. We met with Bruce and he helped us design a pool to fit our yard and our dream. We started construction in October 2007 and by the end of November 2007 construction was complete. Bruce and Brian kept us informed all during the process. They were always willing to answer any questions. All of the people that worked on the pool were very professional and great to work with. I appreciate all the referrals to other contractors that Bruce recommended also for other work such as landscaping. This is our second summer using our pool and we could not be happier. I highly recommend Atlantis Pools to anyone considering putting in a pool. They are great!

A Pool Company you can TRUSTrdgatl

After soliciting four proposals to design & install a custom pebbletec pool, we decided to use Atlantis. From day one, Bruce & Brian delivered. Not only did they provide an amazing natural design, they remained on schedule and budget. There was not one commitment made that wasn’t kept. I wish my experience with all contractors was as smooth and positive as my dealings with Atlantis. I would HIGHLY encourage anyone seeking to install a pool contact Atlantis if high standards of quality, time commitments, and honesty are important to you. Thanks Bruce and Brian for an awesome pool!!!!

Exceeded Expectations!!!shuddles

After much research, we found that Atlantis Pools was the most knowledgeable, professional, and courteous contractor that we met. We researched 10 companies and met with four. After narrowing it down to two, we made our final decision to go with Atlantis Pools based on their excellent history, references, competitive pricing, and overall professionalism. They are not the cheapest, but the quality more than makes up for the cost. We knew up front what was included in the price. Some other companies give you a base price that seems great, until you add up all the “extras”. Bruce and Brian were always prompt and answered every question we had. Every step of the process went smoothly. The only “bumps in the road” were those out of any one’s control (snow, rain, ice, and inspectors). We now have a beautiful pool and a transformed back yard. Every time I am at the pool, I feel like I’m on vacation at a resort. If you are looking for experience, professionalism, quality, and competitive pricing, you cannot go wrong with Atlantis Pools.
–Linda & Keith

Best All Around Pool ContractorsLinda Miller