Pool Construction

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Pool Construction Excavation


Pool excavation usually takes one to two days.

Your pool will be spray painted out in your yard, we will require your approval the morning of excavation.  We excavate our pools using a variety of equipment depending on your yard, we will use one of the following; a track hoe, loader, or a bobcat.

Pool Construction Excavation
Pool Construction Steel


Steel will go in to your pool following excavation.

Your pool is built like a bank vault with 3/8” steel tied on 12” centers throughout your pool.  Your pool steel will look like a grid suspended off the floor and walls when complete.  This is to help insure the steel will be in the middle of the floor and walls for strength.  The beams have 41/2” bars of steel for strength as well.

Pool Construction Plumbing


We will locate your pool equipment at the excavation phase.

The pool plumbing will go in with schedule 40 PVC pipe.  Pool equipment is a self contained unit and is able to withstand the outside elements.  The equipment is then placed on precast slabs in the designated area.  The plumbing lines are buried 12” to 18” underground.  All pool equipment will be pressurized to insure there are no leaks.

Pool Construction Plumbing


Depending on the county you live in, the inspection process will vary.

Inspections will be called in and construction will halt until they are passed.  This could take several days.

Pool Construction Shotcrete


We only use shotcrete which is premixed at the concrete plant.

It contains cement, sand, and rock.  Gunite is mixed on site and is made up of sand and cement.  Shotcrete is both stronger and more consistent, than the “old school” gunite application.  Your pool shell will be shot in one day.  Shotcrete is sprayed on with a concrete pump and air. It is pneumatically applied which makes it stronger than gunite.

Pool Construction Shotcrete
Pool Construction Tile Coping


Your tile and coping will commence depending on your type of pool.

If you have stone coping, cantilever, stack stone walls, waterfall, or a raised spa with stack stone exterior.  Tile and coping can take two days or more depending on how elaborate the design.


All underground utilities will go in and require city or county inspections.

You will need to be home so the electrician can access your electrical panel and run power to your pool equipment.  If your pool will have a gas heater on it we will need to cut the gas off and connect it to the pool heater.  We will then relight your pilot light in your home.

Pool Construction Electrical and Gas
Pool Construction Deck


We will meet with you to layout your deck area.

We will not pour any concrete until you are happy with the layout of your concrete decking.  If you have decided on colored concrete or stamped concrete, this will be the time to decide on a color selection.


Once the deck is poured you will need to have the fencing installed.  This must be done before the pool can be filled with water.

You are required to have a 5’ high fence with self-closing and self-latching gates completely surrounding your pool. Gates are required to open away from the pool enclosure. Fencing requirements are your responsibility, but please feel free to call us with any questions. If any portion of your residence is used as part of your enclosure (fence), then all doors and windows leading directly into the pool area will require a special door alarm. These alarms are available at Home Depot for approximately $20 each and are battery powered. Door alarms must be installed prior to your final inspection. Someone must be at home on the day of inspection to allow the building department inspector to test the door alarms.

Pool Construction Fence


You have a choice of finishes from an array of different colored pebble finishes.

This will be a two day process.  Once the finish is applied we will start to fill the pool with water. It is very important NOT to turn the water off for any reason until the water reaches the middle of the tile line.

Pools Start up and instructions


The pumps will be turned on and the water will be filtering.

We will add the chemicals and show you how to use all of your equipment so you will understand how to use your new pool!

Pools Start up and instructions

We hope this information will answer some questions and help you anticipate each phase of construction.
All of us at Atlantis Pools and Spas are looking forward to serving you and will do everything we can to make this an exciting experience!

Pool Service and Maintance

We offer pool service and maintenance to our pool construction clients.
Once you select Atlantis Pools & Spas for a pool construction, we will be around to help you service your pool for years to come. We take pride in building quality pools that are easy to take care of.